Here is a PUBG privacy policy brief. If you love playing PUBG, regularly interacting, and sharing information with this system, checking this once is better.

If you have been playing PUBG every day, you better need to verify and understand the privacy policies of this game to know exactly what information they are collecting from you. The privacy policy information is regularly updated on, which is a specialized news site about this game. guide about privacy policy

The details we collect about your information

As previously mentioned in our Privacy Policy, we collect various information when you set up your account and experience the game. If you choose to set up your game profile using a social media account, we will collect information from that social media account as well. You may provide certain information to personalize your gameplay experience and enable your game feature when participating in the in-game service.

PUBG Privacy Policy

Your rights with information we collect

You have the right to access, copy, correct, or delete your data or object to the processing of your data. Any concerns or complaints when dispute resolution, please feel free to contact us.

Q&A about privacy policy

What do we use your information for?

We will use your information to create your account and provide extensive game features you enable or any game services you participate in. We will also use the information you provide for account verification, security purposes, support & improvement. User data is managed to ensure the security and safety of your information.

Who is aware of your information?

We use third-party support services, i.e. Cloud Service to support user ID authentication. We use third-party services only to process and store your information for the purpose as described above in this policy.

Any other third party (of our choice) whom we share user data with will provide similar or equal user data protection as outlined in this policy. In some cases, we will share your information with competent Vietnamese authorities according to the law.

Where is your information stored?

We will process your information at a server located in your area.

How long is your information stored?

We will retain your information as long as you hold your game account. Depending on the types of data, we will delete the data that follow the retention of the policy outlined in this Privacy Policy. We will also store your information for at least six (6) months starting when you stop using the game.

How do you know about our policy changes?

Any significant changes to the privacy policy, we will notice shortly the change in the game.

How do we treat children?

As mentioned in the Terms of Use, PUBG will not deliberately collect information from children in any form. The age to be considered as children follows the United States is 13 ages old, and the United Kingdom is 16 ages old. To sum up, with different regions, we will have different rules with this matter. Children will not be able to access the game without a parent’s permission. There are many features in the game to prevent the number of hits available to children. If parents discover their children have unauthorized access to the system, feel free to contact us so we can help to delete the account permanently.

As mentioned in PUBG Latest Update, you will need to provide information to us in these following cases:

  • When you register the game for the first time by your phone numbers or social network accounts such as Facebook, Google, or ZingID as establish your identity on the game’s data system.
  • When you accidentally or intentionally participate in one or more different surveys. This information may be collected and processed by the game publisher for the final purpose of improving UE (User Experience) in all countries, ages, genders, occupations, and other factors.
  • When you have a chance to receive prizes from any lucky draw events on some anniversary, at this point you may need to provide device-specific addresses, such as phone number, email address, or permanent residence.
  • When you purchase a game card or anything in the game, you will likely be required to provide your team name, nationality, or proof of your permanent residence.
  • When you purchase a game card or any related merchants from the game’s licensing issue, you may likely be required to provide information including your name, your team’s name, nationality, or proof of your permanent residence.