PMJL Season 1 is one of the biggest tournament in Japan that PUBG Corp held for mobile gaming talents. 16 best teams have competed for the grand final prize.

PMJL Season 1, also known as PUBG Mobile Japan League, has officially taken place. In recent years, hit Battle Royale titles like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and COD Mobile have emerged as industry leaders when it comes to mobile games. And of course, they all bring great success to their respective companies. Moreover, these outstanding achievements have caused fans of these titles to play seriously on mobile devices. In the case of PUBG Mobile, the company has held great competitions every year to help promote its image as well as find outstanding talent in the mobile game field.

Information about the PMJL tournament season 1

The past year has seen strong growth in both the revenue and downloads of the battle royale game genres. Along with the development of mobile games, their esports ecosystem is also strongly focused. Especially in the case of PUBG Mobile, this game has awarded prizes that increase with each passing tournament. Specifically, the recent PUBG Mobile global championship has a massive prize pool of more than 2 million dollars.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 Finals on their official Twitter.
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 Finals on their official Twitter.

The latest tournament that has officially participated in that battle is the PUBG Mobile Japan League (PMJL). It’s an incredibly large tournament that boasts a massive $ 2.8 million (300 million yen) prize pool. It is also the largest competitive playground in Japan.

PUBG Mobile Japan League - the largest mobile championship kicked off.
PUBG Mobile Japan League – the largest mobile championship kicked off.

Format and Rules

The PMJL tournament took place and was divided into two main phases. The first phase started on February 13, in which 16 Japanese teams competed to fight for the final prize.

More specifically, teams will be fighting over a 24-day period while playing League. In which, the total number of matches is 50 matches per phase. After the end of phase one, phase 2 will take place with the remaining 50 games.

As a result, the top 14 teams will be eligible to participate in PUBG Mobile Japan League Season 2 (PMJL: S2). Meanwhile the remaining two teams will be relegated in PUBG Mobile Challenge League Season 2 (PMCL: S2).

The PUBG Mobile Japan esports annual schedule for season 1.
The PUBG Mobile Japan esports annual schedule for season 1.

16 teams that were invited to participate in the PUBG Mobile Japan League

  • AQUOS Detonation Violet
  • Team Axiz
  • BC Swell
  • Blue Bees
  • Cyclops Athlete Gaming
  • Team Detonator
  • Donuts USG
  • Team FOR7
  • Team Jupiter
  • Lag Gaming
  • Team Reject
  • Team Scarz
  • Songoku Gaming
  • Team SunSister
  • Team Unite
  • Street Gamers

It will be interesting to see how teams compete on a huge battlefield and under such great pressure. Similar to the past championships, the team that has maintained their morale and performance will be the last team to win the final.

PUBG Mobile is still on the rise and we believe it will continue to bring many huge tournaments to fans. Hope the information we provide has helped you get an overview of the recent PUBG Mobile Japan League tournament. We will continue to post more information about the PUBG update for you.

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