If you have ever experienced PUBG game, you will recognize that Pistols are exciting secondary weapons although they can work as primaries. They are called as an “all around okay” items because they can cause decent damage at the same range. However, you are recommended to replace with an actual main equipment quickly for the reason that its limited ammo capacity and the damage rating will physically injure you in the long run. Additionally, you should search for proper tips and tricks if you want to use them a lot.

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PUBG Dev Update Map
PUBG Console: Dev Update Map Selection
May 22, 2019

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How To Download A PUBG Mobile Lite?
November 2, 2018

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PUBG Mobile Easter: Enjoy Your New Adventures and Cosmetics!
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PUBG Dev Letter: Rustle/Rattle Sounds Improvement
May 16, 2019

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