PGI.S Tournament, the biggest award and format tournament in PUBG history is about to take place. Let's take a look at the format and rules of the match!

PGI.S Tournament, the PUBG Global Invitational.S, is the biggest award-winning and novel format tournament in PUBG history. This is a large playing field with the participation of many teams from all over the world. They will battle for as much prize money as possible. Now let’s find out about PGI.S Tournament’s format and rules!

PUBG Global Invitational.S Format and Rules

Surely many people, especially PUBG fans, are watching the news about their favorite teams. So, in this PGI.S Tournament, we want to give clear information about the game format.

With the determination to create a fair and competitive competition environment, we offer PGI.S’s rules, rules, scoring and awards publicly. PUBG Global Invitational.S is a big tournament so there will be a lot of information. Be careful because this is the first time the tournament has changed its format.

PGI.S Tournament Structure

First of all, we are adopting a new set of rules for PUBG Esports, starting with PGI.S. In all PUBG Esports matches from now on there will be a blue circle setting. From now on in all PUBG Esports matches will have the identical bluezone settings. This is identical to PUBG Rank Matches!

In addition, in order to unify PUBG Esports and Ranked Matches, we will continue to monitor and review the new set of rules for the most relevant and fair.

PUBG Global Invitational Schedule
PUBG Global Invitational Schedule

Rank Decision

Before the main tournament starts, teams from different countries kick off by playing 24 decisive matches over 3 days. The results of these matches will then determine which team belongs to which of the 4 groups has been divided. Each team’s ranking order for the first set of Weekly Survival matches will also be announced. This order is especially important as it will classify the top 16 and last 16 teams.

Weekly Series

6 different Weekly Series will take place. This is considered the main point of PGI.S. Weekly Series is where teams fight for rankings and prize money. These Series include Weekly Survival matches, held during the week, and Weekly Finals on weekends.

The form of award calculation will also be different from before. Points will not be accumulated weekly giving all teams the same chance to compete each week. All teams will earn bonuses each week. The Champion will be the team with the most points at the end of the tournament.

Weekly Survival

Weekly Survival consists of 16 matches played over three days a week, the goal of teams is very simple to get a Top 1 (Chicken Dinner). This means that 16 teams will fight together until there is only one team left. The team that wins the Chicken Dinner will move on to the Weekly Finals. Meanwhile, the remaining 15 teams will continue to compete with a team on the waiting list. This team will be taken from the last 16. Another match took place. This process was repeated over and over until the 16 teams that deserved to reach the Weekly Finals were found.

In addition, there will also be a reward for the first 8 teams to win a Survival Match each week. Try to win as soon as possible so you will get more prize money!

Weekly Finals

The Weekly Finals will be similar to the Pubg Esports matches that you are very familiar with. After selecting 16 qualifying teams from the Weekly Survival matches, there will be a 10-match weekend tournament. Similar to traditional PUBG Esports, the top teams will get a much bigger payout than their previous matches. This number will even continue to increase with each week.

These 16 teams will become the first teams to play next week’s Weekly Survival matches. Meanwhile the bottom 16 will have to participate in other qualifying matches to determine their place on the waiting list. These matches take place on Saturdays before the start of the main tournament.

One thing to note for fans is that the rankings for the last 16 teams will not be broadcast. They will announce the results of these matches on social media channels.

Prize structure

Total prize structure for the PGI.S tournament
Total prize structure for the PGI.S tournament

Total prize: 3.5 million USD (~ 81 BILLION VND) + 30% profit from the event Forecast Results. The above prize includes a guaranteed minimum of about $ 1 million for all teams.

One of the big differences in PGI.S is that teams do not receive prize money based on their final rank, but will be awarded during the tournament. The final ranking is determined by the weekly prize money received and the team with the most total is crowned champion at PGI.S.

The calculation of the score is as follows:

Weekly Survival

Prize structure table for Weekly Survival

The first 8 teams to win TOP 1 at a Weekly Survival match, each week will automatically receive cash prizes and will earn even more if they win early.

Weekly Finals

Prize structure table for Weekly Finals

Teams that reach the TOP 4 of the Weekly Finals will receive prizes corresponding to their ranking. This award is even bigger than the one of the winning team in the first week. The total prize pool for each Weekly Finals tournament will increase every week. Prize money will start at $ 50,000 in the first week and this number will increase up to millions of dollars in the last week.

This allows teams more time to win the prize money. This is also an opportunity for teams with a bad start to have more ways to return to the tournament.

PGI.S Item sales profits

However, the ways above are not the only ways that teams can earn cash. 30% of the total proceeds from the sale of PGI.S items in the store will be distributed to the teams playing. This amount does not count towards the outright winner prize, but will be divided equally based on the % of the prize money won by each team during the tournament. So, please try to equip extremely cool Skin and call for votes to help your team get the big rewards.

Those are the basic information that we want to provide you about the PUBG Global Invitational.S tournament. If you love this PUBG game, you can refer to how to install PUBG PC download. Please follow and cheer for PUBG teams at PGI.S 2021. Besides, do not forget to keep an eye on the PUBG update as well as the latest new PUBG PC update to not miss any version and upgrade of PUBG!

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