PUBG Mobile has become one of the famous Battle Royale Survival games on these days, and there is no denying that its popularity has increased to peak levels recently. Therefore, Tencent wants to take advantage of a broad fan base by adding several things to the game, such as Elite Royale Pass, crates and items that can be bought with in-game currencies and so forth.

Two forms of subscriptions: PUBG Mobile Prime and PUBG Mobile Prime Plus were just added, and this can be regarded as another way for Tencent to make money from PUBG Mobile.

Both of these subscriptions bring various benefits to players, providing daily UC (the in-game currency in PUBG Mobile), Royale Pass points, etc., for monthly recurring fees.

What are the benefits offered by the two levels of the subscription in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Prime Pack

This pack can be more affordable! Players will have an option to buy items using BP rather than UC. Nevertheless, the items are just short-term, and they can be either 7-day items or 30-day items. If you want to get these items permanently, you will still have to use your UC to buy them (which can be bought in-game)

In addition, players will get 5UC daily as well, adding up to 150UC in a month.

The price for PUBG Mobile Prime Pack is Rs. 85 per month and it can be a great offer for players because purchasing 150UC in the game would cost more than Rs.85.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Pack

If you want to get more advantages, then PUBG Mobile Prime Plus pack is a perfect choice for you as it offers you the following advantages:

  • Players can buy items using BP rather than UC, also, they can easily buy permanent items even with BP, which is not offered by the regular PUBG Mobile Prime.
  • Players will receive 20UC daily as well, adding up to 600UC in a month.
  • For the subscribers, they also get 10RP points daily, together with daily discounts on various items.

Furthermore, once you purchase this pack, 300UC, a classic crate coupon, a premium crate coupon, a rename card, as well as an advanced room creation card will be directly sent to you. The price for this PUBG Mobile Premium Plus pack is Rs. 850 per month, however, for the first month, you can get it at just Rs. 400. If you think you will use a lot of UC in the game, then this subscription will be a great choice for you.  

It looks like PUBG Mobile and Tencent games will earn a lot of money from those two new subscriptions. Still, the packs actually have a value offer to them, at least for those who purchase the Elite Royale Pass and are fond of unlocking many crates for getting awesome stuff.

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