Open the store and buy new Streamer Skins for PUBG survivors!

PUBG Streamer Skins are available to buy! Get ready to create new styles when joining Battlegrounds! They appeared in the console along with the June 27 update.

There are some different skins not existing before. They are gettable in cooperation with a few top Chinese PUBG streamers. In the store that PUBG PC provides, you can choose, purchase and dress up in skins such as XDD, XingHun, manson & chengzi, and weapon. We will show you details below.

There are more Pubg Streamer Skins coming soon. Aside from that, more cosmetics are being perfected. So, you will have other chances to gain them by using BP or G-Coin in July.

PUBG Streamer Skins

We have images of Pubg Streamer Skins that you or any player in PUBG cares. Each of them will also display the price.


  • XDD’S Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XDD’s Hoodie
  • XDD’s Pants
  • XDD’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


  • XINGHUN’S Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XingHun’s Hoodie
  • XingHun’s Pants
  • XingHun’s AKM: 500 G-Coin


  • MANSON’S Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • manson’s Hoodie
  • manson’s Pants
  • manson’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


  • CHENGZI’S Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • chengzi’s Hoodie
  • chengzi’s Pants
  • chengzi’s M416: 500 G-Coin

They are Pubg Streamer Skins that can be gotten until July 26th, 2019 Time TBA.

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