Sanhok is a brand new map added to PUBG Mobile. The map was already out for PUBG PC, and now, you can totally get access to it on your mobile device for more awesome experiences. Like other previous maps, for this one, you will be descended into an amazing rainforest where you will still battle against your enemies for the ultimate survival. The toughness of Sanhok is just like other maps. Players will experience tough challenges when fighting for their victory. Below here is a short trailer of Sanhok that you should watch!

Sanhok Trailer

Sanhok and Miramar were created as unconnected downloads in the latest update in order to help minimize the size of PUBG app. For those who want to experience Sanhok, they will have to open the Matchmaking Menu and commence downloading this brand new map for free. Once the map has been installed on your mobile device, you should jump into it to conquer your new adventure!

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