If you’ve been banned when you do not use any hack or cheating program in PUBG

hacks or cheating programs in PUBG

Come to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game you will have the chance to discover a lot of fun moments. However, many of you may feel very unpleasant when you are banned because of hacks while you have never chosen them.

Keep in mind that even with no any program specifically for hacking or cheating, something or actions can violate Rules of Conduct and result in that permanent restriction.

  • Software that avoids the services in PUBG
  • Programs that change it even if it is not for cheating
  • Which ones that are selected to monitor, gain, etc. information from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or services
  • Cheats, macros, and so on for other games and not for PUBG is still an infringement of the services

Notes! You will not be offered the exact details or reasons for the ban due to security reasons. Accounts that broke the terms and services for the above causes will not be unbanned.


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