Assault Rifle can be a good pick for gamers in PUBG. Find out all facts about PUBG Assault Rifles and learn to use them to your advantage in combat.

Like other PUBG Guns, using Assault Rifles smartly also takes some tips and tricks to learn. With PUBG Assault Rifles guide, you will know which assault rifle suits your play style the most as well as know how to use it smartly in combat.

To some gamers, assault rifles may not be the best weapon in PUBG, but they are not a bad pick either. It’s always great to have some in your PUBG Weapons List, and it will be much better if you know how to use them to your advantage. The PUBG Weapon Guide below here will show you how!

Basic information about PUBG Assault Rifles

It will be better if you know some basic details about weapon types and learn some strategies on how to use them. Once you have known about it, you can unleash all potentials of PUBG Assault Rifles. As you know, Assault Rifles are famous weapons picked by most of the gamers thanks to its versatility. It is very important to learn how to use the AR in many ranges without making your combat abilities wasteful. With the ability to deal very huge damage to enemies, AR has become a perfect choice.

You can use assault rifles to survive in most situations. At the start of a battle, quickly go find an AR then use it to shoot down any rivals that stand in your way. There are plenty of AR types featured in PUBG, and they have their own stats and uses. Let’s have a look at PUBG Assault Rifles list below to learn all about them now.

You Should Spend Time Finding ARs First At The Start Of The Battle in PUBG

You can use AR for short and medium distances without attaching a scope. For the far distances, you may think about using M416 and SCAR-L if you attach an optional viewfinder to them.

Prepare some spare viewfinders in advance if you have a plan to use an AR. Thanks to its flexibility, you are allowed to adjust the scope size from x4 to x8. After this, you can join medium or long-range battles easily. Laser and scope will be the perfect attachments for the weapon for close-range battles.

Use a silencer when you don’t want anyone to learn your location. With the silencer, no sounds will be made, and when the recoil is reduced for a half, no far enemies can know where you are.

MK47 Mutant Is One Of The Latest ARs In PUBG

Not all guns share the same pros and cons. Therefore, you can carry two rifles at the same time if you want. AKM and Groza are getting better at the medium-range combat due to their low accuracy, but they can help you deal a huge amount of damage, while the other assault rifles can only destroy enemies at a long range. You should pick one between AKM or Groza that uses 7.62mm and then pick another one that uses 5.56mm for battling and preserving ammo.

If You Attach A Silencer To An AR, It Will Inflict a Huge Amount of Effective Damage in PUBG

The shooting mode can be adjusted based on the current situation. The single-shot mode will be used for long-distance sniping, while the auto shooting mode is good for the close-range battle. Among Assault Rifles, M16A4 can be a rare weapon because it doesn’t have the auto mode and it is only used in the burst mode.

Tips to use PUBG Assault Rifles smartly

To use PUBG Assault Rifles smartly, there are several things you have to know about them before using them. First of all, it’s about their bullets. This kind of weapon has two bullet types, including 5.56mm and 7.62mm. The 5.56mm bullet type makes you move more quickly a bit, but it cannot help you deal much damage. Therefore, you should use this type for mid-range and long-range battles. About the 7.62mm bullet type, they are able to inflict more damage, but they will have more wind resistance, which makes the damage decrease when you travel through 275m. So, you should use this one for the mid-range battles.

For Close-range And Medium-Range Combat in PUBG Game, AK Is a Dangerous Weapon

When you use an AR, you should learn which part of the body you need to aim. Aiming at the enemy heads will be a good way to slay them, however, there are still other body parts you can aim at using an AR. PUBG Assault Rifles possesses awesome damage multiplier, including 2505 for the head, 200% for the neck, 100% and 90% for the body and other extensions. You should aim at the enemy’s chest and head if they stay unmoved. When you choose to carry out a chain of body attacks on enemies, they will take massive damage and end up dying since an AR is able to inflict a huge amount of damage.

Using Assault Rifles in PUBG Will Help You Deal a Lot of Damage to Opponents

The reason why PUBG Assault Rifles are most picked by players is that it is able to deal massive damage to enemies. Although the damage from this weapon type is not much higher than DMR and sniper rifles, it’s still a good pick thanks to its higher shooting rate. If a certain player is attacked by an assault rifle, they may receive at least 450 to 600 damage points per second. Thanks to the flexibility and great rate of fire, ARs will be a good choice for you in any situation.

Let’s take a look at the damage performance of assault rifles when you dish out damage to enemies:

  • Damage inflicted on the head
Damage Inflicted On The Head With Many Helmets in PUBG
  • Damage inflicted on the body
Damage Inflicted On The Body With Different Armor in PUBG

That’s all for the tips and strategies on how to use PUBG Assault Rifles effectively during combat. You now have known important information about assault rifle types in PUBG game. If you are interested in guns like this, don’t forget to explore information about other PUBG Shotguns either. Hopefully, you will have a good grasp of PUBG weapons.

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