What is PUBG Mobile Vending Machine?

What is PUBG Mobile Vending Machine?

Vending Machine is one of the most outstanding features in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0. It provides players some helpful items to restore health. However, its use will not stop there. To check the remaining part of the machine that you are interested in, you can continue your story below.

It’s really not difficult to understand the meaning of Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile the game! With the presence of these objects, you or any character within combat will be able to choose and purchase several things to regain your own HP such as the energy drink.

Note! PUBG Mobile Vending Machine will work for a short time. In other words, they will be switched on a couple of specific times. If a Vending Machine runs out of resources, you can change direction to search for another device.

According to a new PUBG Mobile update, specifically, Update 0.18.0, Vending Machine will be only usable in Miramar 2.0 which is also known as MAD MIRAMAR. They will be distributed across the map. Because the position on Vending Machines is not predictable, it’s not possible to collect multiple of their products at one Vending Machine at the same time.

What is PUBG Mobile Vending Machine?

However, you will receive a Jackpot after you can buy 8 energy drinks at once. It will be unlocked and you can earn a few exciting gifts. In case Vending Machine depletes, it will show the notification on the screen.

Locations to gather Vending Machines when playing PUBG Mobile

Locations to gather Vending Machines when playing PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG Mobile free and you will have to fight against numerous enemies! Meanwhile, your survival will be the key leading you to the final victory. Therefore, you are recommended to take care of your power. Here is the list of areas in which you can seek and approach an interesting way to grow stronger!

  • The Pecado arena
  • El Ajahar
  • Buildings next to the Pecado
  • San Martin restaurant
  • Los Leones city …

It’s actually cool to explore the Vending Machine in PUBG Mobile game! Besides, it’s very effective to allow you to escape plenty of deadly situations. Indeed, it’s not safe to face-to-face other survivors while you are getting weaker. You can be eliminated and the Chicken Dinner that you desire to achieve can belong to your foes. Are you willing to come back to the battlefield and test everything that you have already looked up to? Remember to catch up with other tips and tricks along with breaking news on our site! Have fun!

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