Emergency Pickup is a great support tool that has just been released in PUBG Mobile. This tool will help you move quickly and come up with effective tactics.

Emergency Pickup provides players with more tactical options in survival battles. This is a new feature in PUBG Mobile 2.0 that is loved by many people for the convenience it brings. But to use this tool effectively is not easy at all, please refer to the article to better understand it.

Some basic information about Emergency Pickup

Although just released in version 2.0, Emergency Pickup has brought players new changes in the way they play. The main effect of this tool is to help players move faster through many different locations. That gives you more tactical options during survival.

The most necessary case when using Emergency Pickup is to move to a safe area. You just need to use this tool to summon a rescue plane to get to the place you want right away. Moreover, you can select the landing point during the flight without having to wait for the previously specified location.

Of course, to use this new feature in PUBG Mobile 2.0 effectively, you need to have the right strategy. We will provide some tips that you should apply when using the Emergency Pickup item. Note, this item is only available in Erangel and Miramar maps (Ranked and Normal).

How to get Emergency Pickup during battle

Emergency Pickup appears in many different locations
Emergency Pickup appears in many different locations

Emergency Pickup appears randomly on the map, you and your team need to move constantly if you want to find it. Of course, it will not appear as much as familiar weapons or equipment to ensure fairness for all players. After finding this item, you can quickly use it from the Quick Item section.

As mentioned above, the main effect of this item is to help players move to a safe area on the map quickly. It can help up to four players move at the same time, which is really a remarkable help when playing multiplayer mode. After just a few short seconds, you can land where you want.

Simple implementation, easy to visualize

The way to use and deploy this item is also not difficult for any player. On the contrary, it is very easy to use, you just need to check the surrounding area when you start using it. To deploy this item, you need to make sure it is safe as it takes 7 seconds to successfully deploy.

After deploying, you will wait for the plane to pick up and take your teammates to a safe area on the map. Note, Emergency Pickup must be used on open ground and you cannot activate it while inside the house or car. The minimap will be what you care about to land at the location you want.

Many benefits that you can get when using Emergency Pickup

Before talking about effectiveness in survival battles, Emergency Pickup will provide players with stunning aerial views. Moreover, you can also easily detect the enemy’s position while moving in the air. But at the same time, the opponent can also see and shoot you down at any time, so be careful.

When you reach a safe location, you should land immediately and seek cover and get ready to fight the enemy. Of course, you can also take advantage of the emergency rescue kit for the final round landing. This will help you increase your win rate before going to 1v1 gunfights with the enemy.

If you want, you can also use this item to distract the surrounding enemies. Attracting the attention of enemies will help you quickly move into safe areas or take them down quickly. In general, there are many benefits that you get when using Emergency Pickup and it depends a lot on the tactics of each player.

Above is all the information we want you to understand about Emergency Pickup. This is really one of the most loved features in this PUBG mobile update. Use it smartly to get the Chicken Dinner achievement at Erangel and Miramar maps.

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