It's time to download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 and enjoy all of the new features for free! Find companions in PUBG Mobile and check the Zombie mode changes now!

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

PUBG Mobile is a survival horror Battle Royale game like PUBG PC. After Version 0.11.5 including a dynamic weather system, G36C rifle, Tukshai vehicle, with the Royale Pass Season 6, Tencent made a plan to launch another in the Beta channel. Actually, Beta v0.12.0 will present PUBG download game with lots of items.

List of the official changelog for the update

It will contain numerous objects not existing in PUBG Mobile game before.

New features:

  • MugenSpace / Infinity will take the place of Event Mode.
  • Meanwhile, Survive Till Dawn will be set under Expansions.
  • More modes will appear in the future
  • In the Infinity Mode: Darkest Night, players must survive for one night and defend against tons of zombies. Additionally, every team which stays alive at dawn will win.

Companion System:

  • Characters in PUBG Mobile can choose a pet into battle.
  • The foes cannot notice them.
  • When you save enough Companion XP, you can level them up and open up emotes.

Positive changes for Survive Till Dawn:

  • Stun grenades will affect the undead in PUBG Android.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Grenades can turn steps of zombies into ice, resulting in decreasing their movement speed.
  • Hopping zombies and zombie dogs will contribute to PUBG Mobile.
  • Many of the antagonists can climb and conquer low walls or move on roofs.
  • Added RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
  • Flamethrowers will cause more damage to the target.
  • M134 handling is modified.
  • Scary creatures will walk slower after they are shot.

Bug Fixes:

  • There are some serious matters in PUBG iOS have been fixed, for example,
  • A bug when the hair of the soldier was not seen properly if wearing a headgear
  • The Season 6 Pants that created graphics glitches in specific footgear
  • Doors that were not played correctly
  • Persons who were trapped in buildings in certain zones


It is a crucial part of PUBG Mobile game. The key point of the Beta v0.12.0 will be the Companion mechanic. It will talk about pets which will travel with you during combat. However, there are only an Eagle/Kite active in the match. They can reach Level 7. Each rank will require 10,000 points to upgrade and unlock other animations. Although the XP system of these friends could not be discovered, there was an option called food crate which would help you do that easily because it is a Beta.

In PUBG Mobile, particularly while you are prone, they will auto fly away. Further, your rivals cannot catch sight of them. Therefore, they will not influence PUBG Mobile gameplay. Emotes can hide many bugs. That can be ascribed to the Beta nature of the feature. You can stay alone if you can’t focus, specifically whilst you are firing AK47 bullets at someone.

There will be more companions added to PUBG Mobile game in the future. They can arrive with various species to work as “skins”. Not only that, Tencent can monetize based on those segments.

Zombie Mode Improvements

Firstly, the original Resident Evil: Survive Till Dawn zombie mode in PUBG Mobile Tencent will receive some weapons and characters. Indeed, you can test the powerful rocket launcher in the form of the RPG-7. It looks overpowered in damage. It is equipped with 6 rockets and iron sights. RPG-7 will not have an effect on the Standard mode’s gameplay due to it is restricted in the Zombie one.

Zombie Mode Improvements

An explosive crossbow also joins PUBG Mobile. It can unleash arrows that can detonate the victim when it interacts with them. Besides, there is a liquid nitrogen mine that can be thrown to slow down something within a certain range, together with a jungle mag attachment which is similar to a double magazine loading in 60 bullets. The jungle mag attachment will be put with ARs but not with DMRs or the S12K.

Survive until the Rescue Arrives

The Zombie mode Darkest Night or Survive until the Rescue Arrives in PUBG Mobile game will be available when you eliminate hordes of walking dead in other zombie mode and achieve Level 15 for the Zombie modes. It will drop you onto a random position on Erangel. Next, you will fight against every opponent and soulless corpses while waiting for the reinforcements. Do not wander outside at night! Stay in houses to avoid toxic gas and restless killers!

Other Changes

  • Download PUBG Mobile game you can edit the Red Dot, Holo Sight, 2X and 3X zoom reticles. There are different zoom levels when the feature gets stable. It’s easy to customize the Hip-fire crosshair with more colors!
Hip-fire crosshair colors
  • It is not difficult to follow buddies from the lobby itself or turn off that option!
  • If you do the same for the adversary after they slay you, you can send them friend requests.
  • The lobby image of PUBG Mobile can supply with the inventory panel showing hints which more lobby themes or images will be found as a piece of the additional, purchasable crate content.
  • The Quick Chat panel is convenient to check issue commands and conceal a part of the screen. The Portable Closet is being remade, too.
  • If you unbolt a door in PUBG Mobile, the animation will opt for hands to push it instead of opening through the willpower.

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

The newest Beta for fans of PUBG Mobile, who are controlling Android and iOS devices, can be downloaded here!

Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0

The Beta version should be installed with the stable release at a time. Because it is a beta, it is buggy. But, you can send your feedback by pressing the Report Button in the top-right, even you are fighting, or by hitting the ^ key in the bottom-right corner of the main menu before choosing Report. Please participate in the survey if you want to give more details! If you complete, you will have 2,500 BP and a Premium Create Coupon.

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