PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile SPAS'12
Discover PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 That’s A New Weapon Can Replace Old Shotguns
November 11, 2022

PUBG Mobile SPAS'12 is a new gun that appeared in beta 1.9 of the game. It is rated as one of the most powerful shotguns in the current weapon collection. However, it also has its own disadvantages in addition to many advantages in terms of the rate of fire and...

PUBG Mobile 1.9
Try PUBG Mobile 1.9 With Important Changes To Celebrate The 4th Anniversary
April 20, 2022

PUBG Mobile 1.9 is the latest version to date, recently released on March 18, 2022. It is a gift sent to fans on the occasion of PUBG Mobile's 4th anniversary. So this could be the biggest update yet with a bunch of unique improvements and additions. For fans, PUBG Mobile...

PUBG Mobile Giftcode
PUBG Mobile Giftcode: Updated December 2020 codes and instruction to use them!
January 6, 2021

PUBG Mobile Giftcode 2020 published in December 2020 will give you many brilliant codes for presents with instructions to enter the code for gamers who do not know. PUBG Mobile Giftcode 2020 redemption system allows gamers to receive gifts on the official website of this game, where you can enter...

PUBG Royale Pass 17
New Features and Items in Upcoming PUBG Royale Pass 17 That You Would Love
December 21, 2020

PUBG Royale Pass 17 must be the one that PUBG fans are looking for the most in the last months of 2020. When PUBG mobile season 16 came, PUBG Studio led players from surprise to surprise. Therefore, the next publication promises thrills. Let's not wait for long. We have some leads about the...

Download PUBG Mobile 1.2 Beta
Thorough Guideline for PUBG Mobile 1.2 APK Download for Android Devices
December 19, 2020

PUBG Mobile 1.2 APK download are no more challenges if you've seen our instructions. If you still remember, the PUBG mobile 1.1 with update mode has been out for just a month. But the better version - 1.2 beta is already on the shelf. The new gameplay promises extra adventurous...

PUBG Mobile Lite For Low-End Devices
How To Install PUBG Mobile Lite For Low-End Devices
September 10, 2019

Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds released PUBG Lite. However, there is not any support for that game in some Asian regions at the moment. In the current post, we will show you the guide related to how to install PUBG Mobile Lite, especially for Android smartphones which...

PUBG Mobile APK Download Version 0.14.0 For Android
PUBG Mobile APK Download Version 0.14.0 For Android
August 22, 2019

PUBG PUBG Mobile APK Download Version 0.14.0 for Android PUBG PUBG Mobile APK Download Version 0.14.0 For Android PUBG APK Download Latest Version 0.14.0 by Tencent Games is available for you to take! PUBG (stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is a Battle Royale style online game developed and published by PUBG...

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0
Download PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 and enjoy new features for free!
April 18, 2019

PUBG Mobile Beta v0.12.0 PUBG Mobile is a survival horror Battle Royale game like PUBG PC. After Version 0.11.5 including a dynamic weather system, G36C rifle, Tukshai vehicle, with the Royale Pass Season 6, Tencent made a plan to launch another in the Beta channel. Actually, Beta v0.12.0 will present...

PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0
PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0
March 9, 2019

PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0 PUBG Mobile Lite Android 0.10.0 Free Download PUBG Mobile Lite is a cool version of PUBG PC game by Tencent. It is made for Android mobile devices which own fewer resources. Therefore, it is a good chance for all to play the famous Battle Royale...

PUBG Mobile iPhone 0.11.0
PUBG Mobile iPhone 0.11.0
March 9, 2019

PUBG Mobile iPhone 0.11.0 is another version of PUBG game and designed only for iPhone. Now, you can get access to this famous Battle Royale game on your own phone easily. The mobile version is just similar to the PC version, but it promises to be much funnier and easier...