Patch Notes

PUBG 18.2 Updates
PUBG 18.2 Updates And The Trailer For The Deston Map Are Coming Soon
November 20, 2022

PUBG 18.2 is ready to launch to players around the world, the most prominent of which is the arrival of the new Deston map. Through the previous trailer, this map is expected to arrive with the June update with many notable improvements. Deston map trailer has created excitement for players...

PUBG 13.1 Patch Notes
PUBG 13.1 Patch Notes With New Mode, Maps, Weapons And More In Season 13
August 17, 2021

PUBG 13.1 patch notes have been officially released with a series of changes in the Sanhok map, Care Package, weapons, and ranking. In this article, we will introduce for you to discover them. PUBG Corp has received a lot of feedback from users about updating the game. Therefore, to meet...

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update
PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Has Been Released For Its 3rd Anniversary
March 15, 2021

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update has officially been released to give players a better gaming experience. To celebrate the 3 years since PUBG Mobile was born, the developer has brought to fans this new improved version. Fortunately, the server won't be made offline for this update. However, players will not be...

PUBG 10.2 Patch Notes
PUBG 10.2 Patch Update Brand New And Brilliant Highlights For All Players!
January 29, 2021

PUBG 10.2 patch update with new changes is revolving around PGI.S 2021, Coupe RB cars and the system on the test server. So what are the highlights of his new PUBG season 10? Let's check it out right now! PUBG 10.2 Patch update What are the new features of PUBG...

PUBG Season 10 Patch Notes
PUBG Season 10 Patch Notes officially release with new Haven battleground
December 25, 2020

PUBG Season 10 Patch Notes comes when 2020 is closing up with fantastic PUBG Season 9. PUBG update will be the first present from the developer in this festive season of the year. Let's hear out this brief report about the PUBG season 10 update. You'll know in advance what...

PUBG 10.1 Patch Notes
PUBG 10.1 Patch Notes: Complete intro to features, characters, maps and weapons
December 25, 2020

PUBG 10.1 Patch Notes contains a new Haven map with tricky conditions and more enemies to the gameplay. You can feel the rise of fear in this small town's remotest corners, and those who after you are more than other players. PUBG update has never let the fans down season...

PUBG Royale Pass 17
New Features and Items in Upcoming PUBG Royale Pass 17 That You Would Love
December 21, 2020

PUBG Royale Pass 17 must be the one that PUBG fans are looking for the most in the last months of 2020. When PUBG mobile season 16 came, PUBG Studio led players from surprise to surprise. Therefore, the next publication promises thrills. Let's not wait for long. We have some leads about the...

PUBG PC 9.2 Update
PUBG 9.2 Patch Notes Welcome Matchmaking and Tons of New Fixated Features
November 25, 2020

PUBG 9.2 Patch Notes has been fixed with new Pass and weapons. Besides, updates on weapons and operation promise you better games than ever! PUBG 9.2 Patch Notes has resulted from earlier versions to be the better one. The latest 9.2 Patch has come to town, and no time should...

PUBG Season 9 release date
PUBG Season 9 release date and a completely new map that makes journeys uni
November 20, 2020

The PUBG season 9 was officially released on October 21, 2020. In this version, Bluehole has brought many notable additions such as the new ranking season, changes in accessories, costumes, and the interface of the main hall, and most especially a completely new Paramo map.This can be an extremely attractive...

PUBG PC Update 7.1 Is Released On Test Server Adding New Weapon, Changes For Vikendi, Survivor Pass, Improvements, And Bug Fixes
PUBG PC 7.1 On Test Server Brings Vikendi Back With Survivor Pass And More
July 1, 2020

Players can check out full patch notes for PUBG PC update 7.1 on the test server. This is one of the latest updates for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PC game, featuring new changes for PUBG Vikendi map, introducing a new weapon, improving gameplay, and solving some bugs. Besides PUBG updates for PS4 and...