Here are the five best emulators for PUBG Mobile on PC! Learn what they offer and how to install them on Windows PC then choose your favorite ones.

Are you looking for the best emulators for PUBG Mobile to play on PC? If yes, you have come to the right place. There are five top-picked emulators that help you run the mobile version of PUBG on Windows PC.

Top 5 Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile on Windows And Mac

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is not a free game to download. However, players can still enjoy it on their computers using the mobile version. To run it on PC, players must use emulators. The emulators don’t only support mobile games on computers but they also add great features. Here are the best emulators to run PUBG Mobile on PC:

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Bluestacks
  • Nox Player
  • MEmu Player
  • Andy

Now, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into those emulators and learn how to install them!

Use these emulators to run PUBG Mobile on your PC

Tencent Gaming Buddy – one of the best emulators for PUBG Mobile on PC

Tencent Gaming Buddy PUBG Mobile Emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official PUBG emulator by Tencent. Because it offers good controls with the mouse and keys, it is usually a pick of gamers. Due to complaints from touchscreen device users, Tencent made a decision on launching this emulator to improve their experience. TGB is also known as a popular Android gaming emulator that has been ever made for PUBG Mobile only. Until now, it still remains the best option. So, feel free to download it for unique features!

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

How to install Tencent Gaming Buddy

It’s easy to install Tencent Gaming Buddy, so let’s get into it now:

  • Download the emulator on the official site.
  • Open the “.exe” file and run it.
  • The file starts downloading to your PC.
  • Then, you can operate the emulator and begin PUBG.

Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator for PUBG Mobile will receive some updates as well. Hence, make sure you stay tuned to them and get the updates to better the gaming performance.

Bluestacks is another great emulator to run the mobile games on Windows & Mac

Bluestacks PUBG Mobile Emulator

Although Bluestacks is an old and official emulator for Android games, it is still a good one to choose to use. The emulator is also very popular after it has supported some games, for instance, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, and Subway Surfers. Since Bluestacks offers smooth controls, it will become one of the best emulators to try aside from Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Download Bluestacks

How to install Bluestacks

Follow a few simple steps to install this emulator for PUBG Mobile on PC:

  • Download Bluestacks first.
  • Run the file and install it.
  • Go to the Play Store then use Google Account to log in.
  • Type PUBG Mobile in the searching bar.
  • Download then install PUBG Mobile
  • Open the game and play!

Nox Player 6 – another commonly-picked emulator for PUBG gamers

Nox Player 6 PUBG Mobile Emulator

Among the best emulators for PUBG Mobile, Nox Player 6 is also a good option. Thanks to this emulator, it will turn the PC into a secondary Android device. Furthermore, you can set Facebook, Messenger. It also offers customizable settings to make games run smoothly. In addition, it completely assists keypad, gamepad, script, recording, and functions at once. You can load downloadable apps and games outside of the Play Store.

Download Nox Player

How to install Nox Player

Here are some instructions needful for your emulator:

  • Download Nox Player first.
  • Then go to the Play Store app.
  • Log in to Google Play store with Google Email and Password
  • Download then install PUBG Mobile on your Nox Player.

MEmu Player – an emulator that is also worth your try

MEmu Player PUBG Mobile Emulator

MEmu Player is a new emulator that has wide features. The gameplay will become easier to master thanks to this emulator. MEmu Player can turn on the virtualization for your PC and grant a cool performance for the graphics. Not only that, it has keyboard mapping features that can be edited for PUBG Mobile gaming needs. Therefore, it is also a common pick.

Download MEmu Player

How to install MEmu Player

  • Download MEmu Player for Android and install it.
  • Tap on MEmu – Multiple Instance Manager.
  • Choose to create and the process will start.
  • Open Play Store and log in with Google Email and Password
  • Search PUBG Mobile and install it.
  • Apply necessary resolution and join PUBG Mobile!.

Andy is yet another cool emulator to run PUBG Mobile on PC

Andy PUBG Mobile Emulator

Andy is an emulator that puts Android and PC together. It syncs the data of Google Account and Cloud. You can choose your mobile device as a mouse pad or joystick when playing PUBG on a big screen. The general experience and customized setting will improve its performance.

Download Andy

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