AKM is regarded as the hardest gun to master in PUBG game. Learn all details about this weapon and find out what it has become a hot pick of gamers!

PUBG PC game is not only famous for its fascinating survival game, but also for its variety of unique weapons and equipment, helping players conquer the battle. You probably already know about guns through PUBG Weapon Guides that have been released earlier. This time, you will have a chance to know about PUBG AKM Details, which can be considered as the most difficult gun to master in the game.

Facts about PUBG AKM Gun

In real life, AKM is known as an AK-47 – a very strong Assault Rifle (AR) that utilizes 7.62mm ammo. One of the most outstanding things making the gun a popular pick is its damage. For your information, PUBG AKM Damage is extremely high, which means it can help you dish out a very huge amount of damage to kill enemies. The recoil of it is extremely large, similar to the real-life AK-47.

Facts about PUBG AKM Gun

AKM – the real-life AK 47

You may want to know about the real-life AK 47 as well! This gun was first produced in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov – a Russian engineer. AK47 in real life possesses very nice durability and it is not hard to use it. Other elements making the gun a perfect weapon were low production cost as well as easy usage.

AKM – the real-life AK 47

The scope of AKM has been upgraded. It comes with a lot of lines from 100m to 1000m (800m is the maximum for AK7). No matter what distance it can aim, 800m or 1000m, this is not the sureness since it is too far for one target. If the shooter aims at a small target, the overall effective range will be only roughly 300-600m.

AKM – the real-life AK 47

The parameters of AK-47:

  • Weight: 3.1 kg (AKM)
  • Length: 880 mm (AKM, AKML)
  • Caliber length: 415 mm
  • Ammo: 7.62 × 39mm
  • Rate of fire: 600 rounds/minute (theoretically)
  • Ammunition velocity: 715 m / s
  • Effective range: 300-400 m
  • The farthest range: 2500m

Details about PUBG AKM

Details about PUBG AKM

The amount of damage dealt by AKM will be much more than other ARs thanks to the 7.62mm ammo that it uses. Other ARs that use 5.56mm ammo, like M416, M164A, SCAR-L or AUG can never be better than an AKM in terms of damage dished out. You can use an AKM to destroy a certain enemy using only 5 bullets even though they are wearing the level-3 armor.

The parameters of AKM:

  • Base damage: 48
  • Output speed: 715 m / s
  • Zero Distance: 100 – 400m
  • Base magazine: 30 rounds
  • Rate of fire between 2 bullets: 1s
  • Shooting mode: Single, Automatic

Single and Automatic are the two types of shooting modes that all weapons have, but they come with some disadvantages, and so does PUBG AKM. You cannot attach extra handles and stock to AKM, even though they are the two crucial attachments to decrease the recoil of the gun. For the common gamers, they will not pick AKM as the main weapon because it is not hard to use it, but for the skilled gamers, this weapon has become a great choice for them.

Details about PUBG AKM

Attachments for AKM

The barrel of the gun

Other interesting facts you should know about AKM

  • ARK has been the most commonly used handheld weapon until now. There have been over 100 million AKMs legally produced.
  • There have been a large number of people who died from AKM, which was even more than other weapons.
  • AKM used to be owned by Osama bin Laden and Gaddafi.

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