Play PUBG Mobile you will soon recognize that Desert Eagle is a powerful gun. It is very familiar with skilled FPS gamers who have ever played games like CS: GO. What is the reason the Desert Eagle making it become formidable? Let’s keep reading to explore the answer below!

What is Desert Eagle – the top pistol in PUBG Mobile?

Firstly, you need to check how to download and install PUBG Mobile before you collect it. Don’t worry! Steps to complete your job can be found easily.

Now, we are talking about Desert Eagle that is also known as the Deagle. It is regarded as the most-expected pistol in PUBG Mobile. Desert Eagle is actually a pistol-type weapon usually seen in PUBG Mobile Lite and more. While you gather it, you will be recommended to aim at the target accurately.

All About Desert Eagle - The Best Pistol In PUBG Mobile

Along with your shooting skill, its ability will allow you to knock down the enemy in an instant with headshots. Indeed, the high damage is one of the topmost abilities that a Desert Eagle owns.

Desert Eagle used to be announced in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before it was dropped into the battlefield of the mobile version. If the Deagle is compared to counterparts, you can easily find that its rivals will not have the stats (including the average muzzle recoil, energy, and velocity) as high as it.

PUBG Mobile: Desert Eagle can help you immediately eliminate the opponent wearing the Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3) in 2 headshots. Not only that, it can boost the hipfire accuracy when it goes with the Laser Sight. It means that you can remove the prey whilst you take deadly aim. Don’t forget to take amazing advantage of the Desert Eagle to win!

Features of the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile and attachments

PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle’s features are important to build up noticeable values of the strongest pistol.

Features of the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile and attachments
  • Desert Eagle appears in the game as a handgun. As mentioned above, Deagle is the second name that people often call. Before you see on the island, it is designed and finished with numerous unique functions.
  • Deagle is entirely capable of doing lethal damage with a frightening muzzle velocity. Especially, it will be scattered across maps. Meanwhile, Vending Machines, a new item in the latest PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0, will be found on the Fourex only.
  • Desert Eagle can cause 62 damage per shot, taking red-dot and holographic sights at a time. Besides, you can deploy various magazines and a laser pointer improving the hipfire accuracy. They are great Desert Eagle’s attachments in PUBG Mobile.
  • The muzzle velocity is useful to inflict heavier damage. However, you can feel hard to handle the recoil.
  • Desert Eagle is given a single fire mode, with .45 ACP ammo. The standard magazine is built to match with 7 rounds. It can be extended to 10 with a compatible magazine.
  • Nevertheless, the massive damage of 62 and two headshots are two key features that turn Desert Eagle into the best pistol in PUBG Mobile.
  • The active Fire Range is 100 meters. It’s advised to keep a safe distance and avoid the one using a pistol in the early game!
Features of the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile and attachments 2

Since Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile is too fantastic to enhance scores, you should look for it before other foes.

Locations containing PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle

Locations containing PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle

Where to search for PUBG Mobile Desert Eagle consists of:

  • School Apartments
  • Rozhok
  • Pochinki
  • Severny

Try to stay away from hot spots after landing! Otherwise, you can’t fulfill your objective.

How to fire a Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile game

Try to stay away from hot spots after landing! Otherwise, you can't fulfill your objective. How to fire a Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile game

Here is how to use Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile. It is detailed and effective to conquer the Chicken Dinner sooner than you think.

  • Because it has high damage and a slow firing rate, it will be good at unleashing accurate headshots. In close range, you will gain the maximum accuracy with no ADS.
  • Move to high areas in PUBG Mobile to watch everyone on the ground, specifically, persons with ARs or SMGs. When you do that, the weak point of it will be lessened. Therefore, it is simpler to assassinate the competitor.
  • The Red Dot or Hologpson Vision and Extended Mag will polish the accuracy and the headshot potential. They are attachments that can be picked up from the playground.
  • After the early match, you can choose Desert Eagle as the secondary weapon to switch to AR whenever its ammo runs out, particularly in Solo mode. You can save more time instead of reloading it.
  • The “.45 ACP” ammo will not grab too many slots in your backpack and it is unnecessary to worry about storing other supplies.
How to fire a Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile game 2

Details of PUBG Mobile: Desert Eagle or Deagle proves that it is the greatest pistol in-game. Attempt to loot it and master how to operate your weapon promptly! You will seize more opportunities to rank up. Have fun!

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