You will start to survive when jumping down the map of the game PUBG. You need to find weapons, move and shoot down your opponents to alive at the end.

Bluehold-PUBG Corporation has developed and released PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a very engaging and dramatic online multiplayer battle royale game. is not the main pubg website but just a news website that specializes in updating information about this game. If you are a big fan of pubg, please follow us regularly because we update the latest news about pubg to provide players with the best way.’s information: When was PUBG online first launched?

The game was first released as an early access beta program in March 2017 via Steam on Microsoft Windows, later on, released in December 2017.

Where can PUBG games be available?

Personal Computers (PC)

Early access for Windows was released on March 23, 2017. Players can go to the PUBG Download homepage to make a complete transaction. Before that, Bluehold used a close beta and beta phase with approximately 80,000 players to gather the game’s initial response and adjust the balance before progress into mainstream release. Before the early phase on Steam, Bluehole has open & invited KOLs streamers with similar interests to test the server and gain more public interest.

Playing PUBG on Personal computers is available
Playing PUBG on Personal computers is available

PUBG is officially available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The game was available online as a free-to-play game on IOS & Android in 2018 and portable for Playstation 4. Microsoft Studios have also released the game for Xbox One.

On Mobile Devices

The game can easily download free to play on both IOS and Android platforms. The game can only play online. Guide: How to play PUBG?

Smart and high speed

According to Privacy Policy, a match in PUBG begins with 100 players parachuting onto a large island with the goal of “Battle Royale” styled and standing as the last survivor. Stealth, fight, handle situations to defeat the enemy & protect yourself are the most important skills to coordinate to be able to win the game.

The way to effectively play PUBG online
The way to effectively play PUBG online

From the start, you will have control of where you can land, which time you can see other players & move away from their viewpoint. What makes PUBG different from other peers is the weather and terrain. Building a large island allows you to explore other areas of cities, churches for weapons, and other sites, i.e. power plants, military zones to make terrain varied. To win, you need to have intelligence and agility. When you are spotted, moving fast may be vital.

Remember to stay alert with the things around you, including doors, gamer’s location. Always check and analyze other players before looting. Always avoid empty places. You can sneak & hide like a ninja, let others finish off each other and you finish off the final move.


Before playing, it’s important to turn on the controls to study the necessary buttons and set them to the most suitable style that fits you. There are many buttons on the game, you need to coordinate and remember each button to apply to your game style. Most importantly, remember the Alt button to press and hold it to look around in third-person view mode. This is the button to decide to win or lose when there are many enemies on the battlefield.

During this melee playstyle, your character will have a lot of kneeling and lying down movement to be less detected on the field. Holding Alt while moving will make you make less noise. Button B will allow changing the gun’s firing mechanism, and Tab will help to efficiently open inventory.

The presence of a circle

In PUBG, you cannot run around according to your preferences. As the safe area will eventually shrink, you will see two circles, one in white and one in blue, if you turn on the map. It’s safe in the white circle area, and outside of the blue circle, the area will be damaged over time. If you notice, there will be a timer on the top of the mini that tells you when the process shrinks, so try to make the most of it. And with each narrowing, the loop means that you will likely encounter other gamers.

Pay attention to the circle is one of the most importance
Pay attention to the circle is one of the most importance

Most gamers in PUBG know well the mechanism of action and what this circle affects the player. Some gamers use the process to guess other gamers’ direction, waiting for them to pass the finishing blow.

Most gamers in PUBG know the mechanism of the action and how the circle affects the players. Other players use the guessing options of other gamer’s movement, waiting for them to blast their heads and finish off.

Weapons and equipment specifications

Gamers after landing on the island, their first priority is to find equipment and weapons. Every kit in PUBG contains: Amors, helmets, backpacks, healing items; and the most important items are hats & more. The higher the level of armors & hats, the higher the damage. This will aid you to minimize the use of healers. In contrast, the enemy will have to spend more ammo to finish you off. Please note durable helmets & armors can only block common damage, compared to durable items when intact.

Backpack, like armors & helmets, has 3 levels. The higher the story you progress, the more items you will receive. Finding level 3 equipment is quite rare, so remember to check every building you stop inside those corpses you already killed off. You may find some rare items that help you greatly.

Technology for making sound

The island is developed to be grand, but passing accidentally with other players can happen. It’s a winning advantage if you can spot them before they know where you are. So it’s vital to win by detecting via the sound system.

The sound is another key factor in PUBG PC. It can affect you win or lose in the game, as it depicts the result of the movement of the players on the map. For example, the vehicle can make a loud signal on your location. Even your footsteps can create a big sound in the game. Because of that, training a good ear for spotting the position and ambushing can be an important skill.

We recommend playing PUBG with a good support headset and stereotypes to gain your gaming advantage.

PUBG PC provides one a kind sounding system to make the gaming experience as most realistic and as enjoyable as possible.