PUBG gamers must have already made their deduction on a new map image in PUBG game just from several recent leaks. At the moment, all developers are working so hard on the loot balance and making some improvements on their maps, Erangel being the first one. There are several compounds added to it just to test inside, but this will not be the only way.

Both loot balance and the map layout are the essential parts of the game. Therefore, the developers want to make sure that all the changes they made to either will be completely great when finished. New plans on testing some possible changes to Erangel map will be coming out soon and all of them will be shared in the upcoming weeks. So, please stay tuned for it!

Most of the leaked images are always regarded as a snapshot in time and they are rarely used for depicting the entire plan or scope of what is being worked on. The finished picture will be represented to the entire community by the development team. In addition to this, the developers are also thrilled to let you know what they have been doing to re-master this essential map. A more interesting thing is that they will totally test it with you. Feel comfortable to send your feedback on the new map’s upgrades to the team as your feedback is such a crucial part in making the map much more engaging.

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