5 features to compare PUBG Mobile with Garena Free Fire

5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 2020

PUBG Mobile is a popular Battle Royale game. It has continued to gain more fans and followers, especially in the current Coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, Garena Free Fire, a new shooter, has also become beloved in these days.

Tencent Games has recently announced that it has earned a huge income when people worldwide must stay home. They spent more time on their phones. Likewise, Garena said that their BR game has peaked at 80 million users in only one day.

However, PUBG Mobile, the game based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is still able to maintain such high popularity when games like Free Fire are attracting a lot of customers. Surely, PUBG Mobile owns certain advantages and uniqueness that you can’t find them in Free Fire. Let’s keep reading to figure out the answer now!

  1. PUBG Mobile has more realistic features
5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 20202

It may be the top reason to give out the comparison between PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

If you have ever seen players’ playing style in PUBG Mobile or if you have ever played it, you will recognize that it is actually a lifelike game.

PUBG Mobile maps are inspired by real destinations from around continents, resulting in making a very strong impression on your mind, and you can be attracted for several hours. So, you will have the chance to drop into battlegrounds like Erangel based on geographical conditions of a military island in Russia, Miramar – an indescribably hot desert, Sanhok – a map identical to forests of Southeast Asia, and Vikendi – a snowy land. Besides, different territories around the globe were surveyed to change buildings into locations for each map.

With the presence of those maps, you can feel interested in the arsenal of powerful PUBG Mobile weapons. They are as same as the armaments in reality. They have unique stats, including recoil, firing rate, and damage. They are made vividly.

  1. PUBG Mobile – a game has no Pay-To-Win as in Free Fire
5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 20203

It will be one of the differences between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile game. Come to the match inside PUBG Mobile you should manipulate your skills to loot the Chicken Dinner instead of paying to win. Items that you can buy in PUBG Mobile comprise skins. However, they are not too effective to aid you to be the ultimate character.

  1. PUBG Mobile has numerous useful game modes
5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 20204

Not only Classic, other PUBG Mobile game modes will bring back dissimilar targets that you can test them at any time. Aside from creating matches for you to practice your shooting skill, they will be addresses to hone your thinking ability when you are always forced to seek appropriate strategies in combat.

When you don’t select Classic to play PUBG Mobile Download, no scores will be added or subtracted. Game modes will have distinctive goals and gameplay.

  1. PUBG Mobile provides a more convenient ranking system
5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 20205

Alongside the existence of PUBG mobile updates containing changes, improvements, or additions, its ranking system is designed to fit classifying rankings. Ranking in-game will be divided, depending on the server and the number of the game modes.

It’s easy to look up the stats showing your skills! If you often play solo, that program will be altered into the solo mode. It will not influence on the Duo or Squad mode. You can realize the mode that you can master it.

  1. PUBG Mobile has more special and exclusive items
5 Points To Prove PUBG Mobile Better Than Garena Free Fire Game In 20206

If you are a fan of the game and sometimes up to date breaking PUBG Mobile news, you will see that it frequently cooperate with big brands such as Resident Evil 2, Angry Birds, Godzilla, and even BAPE.

Their relationship produces exclusive skins just existing during the collaboration event. Besides, skins or rewards by PUBG Mobile usually look unique and strange.

5 points to prove that PUBG Mobile is better than Garena Free Fire will aid you to understand why PUBG Mobile can cause people to visit and participate in their venture enthusiastically. How about your idea? Leave a comment to share your opinions now!

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