All Basic Information About PUBG PC: Story, Features, Videos, Maps, and Weapons

PUBG PC (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is ruling the universe of battle royale games. There is no denying the popularity of this game genre in the gaming community these days when there are more and more battle royale games coming out. PUBG is developed by PUBG Corp and it is available as a worldwide game compatible with platforms, for instance, Windows PC, Console, and Mobile. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, opening up a battle where players compete against each other on a specific map. Besides, players must define their playstyles to find the last man standing! So now, let's explore what PUBG for PC game is about!

Back story of PUBG PC

PUBG PC takes place when 100 players parachuting down onto an island (map) where they start the battle to see who will survive until the end. The main island in PUBG is Erangel. It's a deserted Russian island full of areas to explore. The reason why this island was deserted is due to an attack on a biological facility. After the military had seized the island, they began to implement some chemical/biological tests on the population of the island. Hence, the island is now left alone, making it the main battlegrounds of the PUBG game.

The Best Special Character in PUBG PC

What features does PUBG game bring to players?

PUBG Player

Here is the list of PUBG features that keep players entertained, so have a look at them now:

  • 5 maps to choose from, for instance, Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, and Karakin
  • Diverse game modes to master, for example, Classic, ArenA, Arcade, and Zombies
  • Different types of play, including Solo, Duo, and Squad, together with two perspectives: TPP and FPP
  • Various servers to custom, for example, North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and KRJP.
  • Spectate mode: Players can spectate their teammates or opponents in the match when they die.
  • Players can also revive their teammates when they are knocked out.
  • A wide array of weapons for players to choose from. PUBG comes in different weapon types, including Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Pistols, Shotguns, Melee Weapons, and so forth.
  • Players can customize their favorite weapons to their likings. So, pick your favorite ones then customize them!
  • Various characters to choose from. Besides, each of them has its own style, characteristics, and outfits.
  • Different attachments to equip on guns, for instance, grip, muzzles, magazines, scopes, etc.
  • Different types of gear to pick up, for example, Helmets, Suits, Vests, and Backpacks
  • Unique cosmetic items to equip on your character, for instance, Masks, Glasses, Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Shoes, etc.

New features that will be coming out soon in PUBG PC

PUBG PC is expected to bring some new features to players, for instance:

  • Renting servers
  • League creation – players can create their own league in PUBG.
  • Modding Support – players can make their own game modes or create any maps they want, as well as customize other elements in the game to their likings.

PUBG Videos

Explore some PUBG Videos for more details on gameplay and in-game features

Players are recommended to watch some PUBG videos to get a good grasp on gameplay and features in the game. Because when you watching those videos, you will know how to interact with your character as well as how to master the match. Below here are some videos for you to watch, so make sure you check them out now!

This Is Battle Royale Day 2 - DreamHack Summer 2017
PUBGxE3 Mixer

PUBGxE3 Mixer

This Is Battle Royale Day 3 - DreamHack Summer 2017

This Is Battle Royale Day 3 – DreamHack Summer 2017

This Is Battle Royale DHS 17 Day 1 - Daily Final

This Is Battle Royale DHS 17 Day 1 – Daily Final


Which maps are featured in PUBG PC?

PUBG PC has 5 maps to play on, for instance, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. Each map offers different terrains, unique landscapes, as well as various areas to explore and loot items. Let’s have a glimpse at maps in PUBG PC now!


PUBG Erangel Map

Erangel is the classic map in PUBG. It's an 8x8 km island featuring lots of buildings and areas to explore. Therefore, players are recommended to find vehicles to move to areas faster because the map is kind of huge, which takes you a certain period of time to run on foot.


PUBG Miramar Map

Miramar in PUBG is a desert map featuring lots of ancient buildings with nice loot. It also comes with big canyons, mountains, and barren grounds. To master Miramar, you need to change your strategies as well as come up with new tactics.


PUBG Sanhok Map

PUBG Sanhok is a tropical map with lots of elements to explore, for instance, jungles, mountains, rivers, and others stemming from the Asian climate. Sanhok can be considered as the map with a lot of good loot dispersed in many buildings. Besides, its size is huge, but not as big as Erangel. Hence, you will have a unique map experience once you have played in Sanhok.


PUBG Vikendi Map

Vikendi in PUBG PC is a snowy map that is known as a deserted resort island in Mount Kreznic. The map has many interesting places to visit, for instance, Dino Park, Castle, etc. Although the map is beautiful when it is covered by snow, it's still dangerous and requires players to have full attention when moving from places to places.


PUBG Karakin Map

Karakin is the latest map in PUBG PC. It allows 64 players to be on the map instead of 100 players like in previous PUBG maps. Besides, Karakin is a rocky map with lots of wide-open battles. This map is a mixture of Miramar and Sanhok. So, make sure you prepare some strategies with tactics before you play in Karakin.

PUBG Weapons

Which weapons are available in PUBG PC?

Weapons is one of the most important elements making PUBG a famous battle royale game. There is a wide range of PUBG weapons to pick from. In a match, players are allowed to bring three guns, including two primary weapons and one pistol. They can also carry a melee weapon, for instance, a sickle or a pan, and a grenade. Each gun can be equipped with attachments to make it much better in use. When you loot items in buildings, make sure you pick up gun attachments to equip them on your weapons, like muzzle, grip, magazines, scopes, etc. This will make your weapons much more powerful!

Knowing how to use a gun smartly will help you win the match and get the chicken dinner. If you aim to get that dinner, you have master all PUBG guns, like learning which scopes are the best ones, ammo types to use, and other things. Since there are many gun types featured in the game, it may take you a while to become good at them. Once you have mastered all of them, you will know which guns are the best for you and fit your playstyle.

PUBG PC game brings different weapon categories to players’ experience. Each category contains some weapons with different powers. The categories include assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, submachine guns, light machine guns, designated marksman rifles, melee weapons, and throwables. You can take a look at the next section focusing on all weapon categories featured in PUBG on PC. The list shows all guns available to pick up in combat. So, feel free to explore them and pick your favorite guns to use in matches!